Therapy Services

Physical, Occupational, and Other Therapies in Guttenberg

Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

To help you improve functioning or recover from illness, injury or surgery, we offer therapy and rehabilitation services personalized to your needs and well-being.

Physical Therapy in Guttenberg

Simply put, physical therapy helps you live life on your terms. Recovery from surgery, illness, injury or long-term health problems can be painful and limit your movement for work, play and even simple daily activities. Physical therapy helps relieve pain and can improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and/or endurance, restore function and/or prevent disability. Our physical therapists and physical therapy assistants are trained in the latest techniques to reduce pain and increase mobility. You may receive physical therapy services while in the hospital or on an outpatient basis

Occupational Therapy in Guttenberg

Injury, disease or disability can make it hard for people of all ages to perform or return to their daily routines. Older adults may also experience physical and cognitive changes that limit their independence. Occupational therapy is all about increasing independence, especially in activities of daily living — feeding, bathing, dressing, cooking, managing the home and safely using a wheelchair or other adaptive equipment. Our experienced occupational therapists provide individualized treatment programs designed to improve strength, coordination and cognitive and developmental skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy goes deeper than talk. For example, speech therapists are experts in head and throat anatomy and physiology. They evaluate and treat people of all ages for disorders of speech, language, voice, swallowing and cognitive communication. These difficulties can result from a variety of brain-related conditions or injuries as well as physical problems with voice and swallowing. Our speech therapists also provide evaluations and therapy for children experiencing delayed developmental milestones for speech, language and feeding. Treatment may include physical exercises to strengthen muscles, speech drills to improve clarity and specialized activities to increase receptive and expressive language development. Your Child’s Milestones Guide.

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More Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

In addition to physical, speech and occupational therapy, Guttenberg Municipal Hospital & Clinics offers a range of rehabilitation services in a spacious and welcoming environment. With private treatment rooms and a large, open exercise area, we help patients recover function after surgery, stroke, heart attack, injury or other disabling conditions. Our therapists work together with you and your family, your medical care team and even staff at other facilities to develop a customized treatment plan to restore or improve functioning and well-being.

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